Get Involved – Have Your Own Business Networking Group

Business Networking for success – Are you a dynamic business person?

Fancy running your own business networking group?

Want to benefit from increased brand awareness and stronger business relationships?

Can you run a monthly group meeting with a business friend?

Do you have time for less than an hour of admin a month?

How it Works

  • Dynamic Networking groups are free to attend for all businesses
  • Attendees are asked to provide a business card to register their attendance
  • Attendees pay for refreshments (often discounts are negotiated)
  • Each group differs in their structure but most groups will run a ‘round robin’ where attendees are allowed 30 seconds to share “who they are and what they’re looking for”. A short talk may also be arranged – guest speakers will be asked to share hints and tips that other businesses may benefit from. This is not a sales pitch.

Sponsors / Executives

  • Two sponsors are required per group –Sponsors can be executives and vice versa!
  • Sponsorship monies received will cover the start-up package (see below) and also contribute to marketing including Social media and PR etc. and support the infrastructure to enable Dynamic Networking to provide free networking to local businesses
  • At least 2, ideally 3 Executives are required for the smooth running of the group.
  • Executives are responsible for:
    • Finding and maintaining a good relationship with group sponsors
    • Finding a venue who will provide meeting space for free
    • Providing a database of contacts who may be interested in attending the group meetings (e.g. customers, clients, associates, contacts on LinkedIn etc.)
    • Sending invite emails to the group data base before each meeting
    • Updating the mailing list with new attendee details after each group meeting
    • Meeting and greeting attendees at the meetings
    • Arranging guest speakers (if applicable)
    • Leading and organising the meetings to ensure they run smoothly
    • Recruiting new attendees
    • Data protection

Value to Sponsors / Executives

  • Sponsors will be allowed to display their company banner at their group meeting
  • Sponsor logos will take prominent place on invite emails (including website link)
  • Sponsor logo will take prominent place on the group website page (including links)
  • Executive’s logos will be displayed on group emails and website pages which helps to increase visibility for own brand (Inc. links)
  • Both sponsors and executives by the nature of their roles will have plenty of opportunities to enhance the visibility of their businesses by being the group leaders and the ‘go to’ people of the group

Value to Venues

  • Monthly business networking meetings will bring new prospective customers
  • Increases awareness of the venue to business owners
  • Attendees purchasing drinks will bring in increase revenue
  • Venue logo and website link will be on emails
  • Venue logo and website link will be on the group website page


  • Each group will be provided with a dedicated email address
  • Each group will be provided with a Mailing solution & account (or similar)
  • Data protection guidelines must be abided by

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