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How it Works
  • Dynamic Networking groups are free to attend for all businesses
  • We run a ‘round robin’ where attendees are allowed 30 seconds to share “who they are and what they’re looking for”. A short talk may also be arranged – guest speakers will be asked to share hints and tips that other businesses may benefit from. This is not a sales pitch.

Our Online meetings are held using Zoom and are free to attend. The meetings start at 6:00pm and the meeting info including passcodes are available on our Facebook group. All the dates for the meetings can be found by joining our Facebook group but for quick reference below is a list of our upcoming online meetings.


  • 19th January


  • 3rd & 16th February


  • 3rd & 16th March


  • 7th & 20th April


  • 25th & 18th May


  • 2nd & 15th June


  • 7th & 20th July


  • 24th & 17th August


  • 1st & 21st September


  • 6th & 19th October


  • 3rd & 16th November


  • 1st December

Dynamic Networking Goes Online

05/08/2020 by Natalie

2020 saw some of the largest attendance numbers we’ve had at Dynamic Networking across the different venues at which we offer free-to-attend business networking.

And then some weird virus popped up in China and caused chaos in the UK and around the globe! We were put on lockdown for several months and face to face interactions stopped overnight. It was a strange time for those of us who run or regularly attend networking events.

During the lockdown, Dynamic Networking tested out a new way of networking – using Zoom! So we’ve met each other’s kids, pets and been given an insight into people’s homes and different styles. We played around with some different formats and we’ve run several polls in our Facebook Group to be sure we were delivering what our members wanted. We think we’ve nailed it!

So, what does the future look like?

We don’t know at the moment. We know that restrictions are being lifted and people are eager to get back to face to face networking. However, given recent localised areas being put back on tighter restrictions and a second wave looking imminent, Allan and Natalie have made the tough decision to put face to face networking on the back burner for now.

Instead, Dynamic Networking has committed to running two online sessions a month, online, using Zoom. To be a part of them you need to either sign up to our mailing list or join our online community on Facebook where you can network with nearly 500 members across the UK on a daily basis.

Allan and Natalie are eager to keep members safe so they will reassess the risk of face to face networking over Christmas – they’d like to get back to running a combination of online and face to face events in the New Year.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online events and hopefully be able to see you properly in 2021!