GET INVOLVED – Join us, we are fully online and still free

How it Works
  • Dynamic Networking groups are free to attend for all businesses
  • We run a ‘round robin’ where attendees are allowed 30 seconds to share “who they are and what they’re looking for”. A short talk may also be arranged – guest speakers will be asked to share hints and tips that other businesses may benefit from. This is not a sales pitch.

Our Online meetings are held using Zoom and are free to attend. The meetings start at 6:00pm and the meeting info including passcodes are available on our Facebook group. All the dates for the meetings can be found by joining our Facebook group but for quick reference below is a list of our upcoming online meetings.


  • 5th August & 18th August


  • 2nd September & 15th September


  • 7th October & 20th October


  • 4th November & 17th November


  • 2nd December & 15th December